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Smaller ticket sizes. Instant settlement. Diversification Opportunities.


How does BondbloX achieve these?


Powered by Blockchain

Blockchain allows all participants in a network to have the same unalterable history of transactions and requires all transactions to be signed by known parties.


BondbloX adopts Hyperledger Sawtooth, an enterprise blockchain platform for building distributed ledger applications and networks. BondbloX uses Sawtooth PBFT, a voting-based consensus algorithm that provides Byzantine fault tolerance with finality.


Best Execution

BondbloX uses an electronic order matching system that matches buy and sell orders using price-time priority. BondbloX orders are run against all participants and strictly does not offer off-exchange trading or separate trading channels.

BondbloX ensures best execution on the platform.


Conceptually like DRs

Familiar with depositary receipts? A DR allows a company to “re-list” its shares or debt securities on a foreign stock exchange. BondbloX allows an existing secondary market bond to be “re-listed” with a smaller minimum denomination.


Dual Fungible with Existing Bonds

Smooth flows are key. BondbloX maintains a bridge with the interbank market to allow fractionalisation of “traditional bonds” into BondbloX and conversion of BondbloX into “traditional bonds”.



Gone are the days of picking up phone calls.


BondbloX is digital. Trade on an electronic interface, input orders directly, watch your trades get matched and settled.

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“The BondEvalue platform is established and operated by BondEvalue Pte Ltd in a regulatory sandbox, and has been exempted from compliance with some of the requirements under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap 289) (“SFA”) for the period from 2 October 2019 to 1 July 2020 (both dates inclusive) only, subject to such extension as the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) may approve (“Sandbox Period”).”